General Contracting

J-PauL Construction Services Ltd. is a general contractor with many years experience in residential construction. Using our experience, and with the proffesional help from our established trade pool, we are able to provide a one stop shop experience for our clients. We work with our clients to take their dream and make it a reality. For us, every dream is a possibilty. There is no dream too big. Here are a few things that we have done in the past that may encourage your own dreams! :

Design And Permitting

J-PauL Construction Services Ltd. offers the service of design and permitting. For many home owners, and DIY'ers (do it your-self), the process of designing and permitting can be very time consuming, challenging, and even intimidating for some. We work with these clients to make their dream a reality. It all starts with a design. We design the project to be built to current building codes, to include modern building practices and materials, to be comfortable and erginomic, and most importantly to be affordable and economic.

From there we bring the designs to life on paper. Some designs may even include three dimensional renderings of the drawings to aid in visualising the final product. We then take these drawings and submit them for permitting. Once the drawings have gone through permitting, you are on your way!

...But we dont stop there! We are not going to just give you some drawings and send you on your way. We want to know how the construction is going, and we want to be there to answer any questions.


J-Paul Construction Services Ltd. specailizes in finishing and custom carpentry. Everything from your standard residential finishing, to custom closet organization, cabinetry, and custom stair railing. Using our expertice in carpentry we take your custom carpentry dream and make it a reality.


We offer Sandblasting services. Specializing in blasting of exposed aggregate concrete, we extend our service to all areas of sandblasting. Whethor your needs are for residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural, sandblasting could be the solution your are looking for. Consider the following sandblasting project: